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Where can I use my Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract ?

A Honda Care Contract is good any Honda Dealership in the United States. An Acura Care contract is good at any Acura dealership. If you happen to break down without a Honda/Acura dealership within tow range you will be towed to an authorized service station.

What does Honda/Acura Care cover?

Honda and Acura Care is exclusionary coverage. It doesn't tell you what is covered, it tells you what is excluded. So if it is not excluded it is a covered item. Please see the excluded items at the bottom of the Coverage tab.

I have a Hybrid vehicle. Will Honda Care cover my Hybrid's Batteries?

Yes. A Honda Care service contract will extend the length of your Hybrid's batteries.

Is Honda Care the same at all Honda/Acura Dealerships?

Yes. Honda Care contracts are backed by American Honda and are sold in most Honda Dealerships. Not all dealerships choose to sell them, but all of them must honor them.

My new car is under the Honda factory warranty. Why should I sign up for one during this period?

Honda Care Service contracts go above and beyond your car's standard factory warranty. The comprehensive exclusionary coverage of Acura Care and Honda Care cover virtually every component of your vehicle, including drivetrain, electronics, chassis, cooling/heating, and genuine factory accessories. It also provides rental car and towing which is not part of the standard Honda Factory Warranty.

When does coverage for a service contract begin?

Coverage for a new auto begins when the vehicle is originally put into service and at zero miles. Coverage for a near new vehicle plan(vehicles over 6,000 miles) begins on the service contract purchase date, and zero miles on the odometer.

Is an Acura Care or Honda Care contract transferable if I sell my vehicle.

Yes. Coverage is transferable from private party to private party one time only for a $50 charge. Please call Honda Care at 800-999-5901 to transfer your plan.

Can I cancel my Honda Care Contract?

Yes. If you cancel within 60 days and no services have been rendered you will receive a full refund. After that the contract is pro-rated by time and mileage. Please use the My HC tab if you have a plan from Saccucci Honda.

How does the deductible work?

Your deductible is paid once for every warranty visit, regardless of the amount of repairs made on that visit.

When should I purchase?

The best time to buy Honda Care is when your vehicle has less than 6,000 miles. This is when the longest terms are available and you have the lowest pricing. You will still be eligible as long as the vehicle is a 2020 or newer, under 36,000 miles. Or a 2019 or newer under 50,000 miles for Acura vehicles.

View an Example Honda Care Contract. Adobe Acrobat required.


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